Modern Survival Tips

Even though we live in a world that is technically advanced, there is still a need to learn how to survive when SHTF. There are several steps that one needs to take to ensure his/her survival.

Step 1: Recognition

Knowing that you are in a situation where survival skills are required, it will speed up the process. The initial few minutes are the most important and critical time.

Step 2: Inventory

Always be prepared. This can not be stressed more than ever before. Make sure you have your survival knives, hunting gear, backpack, and first-aid kit. Knife is a must carry tool.

Step 3: Shelter

Keep your body warm, and dry. Always take cover under a tree especially during rain. Dig up hole if you need that what animals do.

Step 4: Signals

Always keep extra batteries and extra charging cables. Keep a safety box in car filled with signal mirrors, flares, makers, and fire starter.

Step 5: Energy

Extra food and water is a must. Chocolate though unhealthy. The fat is good for long term energy


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