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Survival Knife – Yes you need a knife

Cheap knife or a brand name knife. Does not matter. A man needs a knife. Women need them too. It is a requirement. Well, It is our right to own and carry a knife without the fear of law. The constitution gives us the right.

There are many kinds of knife designs and styles available in the market for the survivalists. The one that suits you will depend on your own preferences in terms of aesthetics and daily use.

Folding knife, such as the tac force brand or a fixed blade knife, such as csgo knives both have there own advantages and purpose. Folders are easy to carry and store, but lack the strength and power. Fixed blades are more powerful but carrying them around in public can be a hassle.

Modern Survival Tips

Even though we live in a world that is technically advanced, there is still a need to learn how to survive when SHTF. There are several steps that one needs to take to ensure his/her survival.

Step 1: Recognition

Knowing that you are in a situation where survival skills are required, it will speed up the process. The initial few minutes are the most important and critical time.

Step 2: Inventory

Always be prepared. This can not be stressed more than ever before. Make sure you have your survival knives, hunting gear, backpack, and first-aid kit. Knife is a must carry tool.

Step 3: Shelter

Keep your body warm, and dry. Always take cover under a tree especially during rain. Dig up hole if you need that what animals do.

Step 4: Signals

Always keep extra batteries and extra charging cables. Keep a safety box in car filled with signal mirrors, flares, makers, and fire starter.

Step 5: Energy

Extra food and water is a must. Chocolate though unhealthy. The fat is good for long term energy