Knowing where you are.

Have you ever been in the situation where you can’t figure out something and wonder how it is done. And then you look up guides and blogs to figure out and realize that it is so simple, why didn’t I think of that myself.

It is the world of smart phones and smart watches. And we rely on these modern technologies so much that we have forgotten what we use to do before when there were no cell phones to pass time on. Maybe older generation still has the grasp of their ways and not dependent on modern techs so much.

I still remember my first red Nokia 8210. It was like getting an iPhone X. The only game that was on it was a Snake. Imagine now playing Tetris on a tiny black and white screen. Of course, that was back then, right now I myself own a gorgeous Note 10 and deciding on getting Galaxy Active2 Smartwatch.

But now matter how much we are depended on these technologies, we should still know our basic stuff like “directions”.

Knowing where you are is very important in surviving. Whether it is up on a hike, down in the wilderness or driving on I-70 that stretches for about 100 miles without service exit.

Basic Survival Steps:

Step 1: Recognition

Knowing that you are in a situation where survival skills are required, it will speed up the process. The initial few minutes are the most important and critical time.

Step 2: Inventory

Always be prepared. This can not be stressed more than ever before. Every situation will be different so always carry basic tools like first-aid kit in car’s glove compartment or in backpack, water bottle or container, blanket in a trunk or hoodie around the waist, flashlight, yes cell phone has flashlight now a days but have an actual flashlight available, compass, some sort of cutting blade or knife.

Step 3: Shelter

Keep your body warm, and dry. Always take cover under a tree especially during rain. Dig up hole if you need that’s what animals do to survive.

Step 4: Signals

Always keep extra batteries and extra charging cables. Keep a safety box in car filled with signal mirrors, flares, makers, and fire starter.

Step 5: Energy

Along with water extra food is a must like energy bar. Chocolate though unhealthy, the fat is good for long term energy.

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  • February 2021 at

    I think I classified as an old dude cause I still got a Nokia on me. I guess not so modern tech guy.


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