Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very essential whether you find yourself in the wild or at home. Dehydration happens when you are losing more fluid then what you are taking in. One most common side effect is a headache or migraine. But if not hydrated on time it can led to dizziness and fatigue.

Of course, when you are at home you can grab and glass of water or cold Gatorade from your refrigerator. But what if you are in middle of no where like desert, long stretch road with out service exit or deep in the woods.

Some survival tips to stay hydrated before you find a body of water:

1. Stop & Relax

Recognition is a must in any survival type situation. Knowing that you are out of water and will get dehydrated, use the situation more wisely. Therefore, instead of panicking and running to search for water which will speed up the dehydration process, stop, relax, figure out the situation. Because you don’t want to be loosing any water through your body when you have none to put it back in. So, do what ever you can to conserve.

2. Shelter

Another way you will pace up dehydration is if you stay in sun for too long so get cover. Try to walk under shaded areas. If you are in the middle of desert, keep you head covered and don’t sit under direct sun. It is better to wait for sun to go down and search during cooler evening.

3. Snacking & Drinking

Do not eat anything that doesn’t have water content. Eating will only make you thirsty. You can survive longer being hungry than being thirsty. And if you have some water on you, save it and just take smaller sips to last longer.