Surviving Winter.

Don’t go hating winter too fast. At least, it will slow down zombies for you to get to a safe point. But if you were bare naked trying to run away from them in the freezing cold, then my question is what were you doing out naked out there to start with…

Let’s Prep Your Homes First

I have seen alot of guide giving tips to survive cold weather in the middle of no where. But I think it is as even more important to prep your homes to get cozy and stay warm and save at your homes from freezing cold temperature. Below are some tips and suggestion to get prepare for bad weather.

Fireplace & Chimney

Now a days, almost all houses are equipped with high end central heating system. But one should always stay ready in case something goes wrong at the last minute.

Keeping fireplace and chimney clean before you enter in to cold weather is very important and having you fireplace ready when you start it up is never a bad item. Have some logs ready next to fireplace. Grab those fireplace tool set accessory to make you life easy.