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I have been asked so many times questions like “we are planning a camping trip what type of blade would you recommend” or once I was asked by a couple, who were going for a hike up the trails during their vacation to Mount Rainier, whether or not they should pack their pocket knife with them.

Of course, there are different type of hike levels. Each requires different level of skills and survival awareness & readiness. Check out our post “Basic Of Hiking” where we go over tips and guide to best prepare yourself for you first or next hike.

No matter what situation you are in. Carrying a pocket knife is a must. Now a days it is just like having a cellphone or your wallet on you. It is survival 101. Let’s look into everyday carry blade style on some knives.

Types Of Blades

Drop Point

This is a very common blade that almost all the pocket knives have. One of an everyday carry with multiple purpose. The drop point name came from the way the back of the blade drops down at the tip it. You can carry this for almost every day to day tasks. From opening packages to cutting ropes.

Clip Point

A very similar design to drop point. The main difference is that it has a curve back edge that makes needle like tip on it. This style comes in handy in getting to tight spaces because of the sharp tip.

Spear Point

The name tell you all about it. Basically looks like a dagger. It can come with double edged blade or single edge. A perfect blade to use for piercing. This doesn’t come under everyday carry even-though the point tip has perfect sharpness but this is mainly considered as tactical knife.

Tanto Blade

The blade style originated from Japanese style swords and dagger. The blade cuts at an angle at the tip of it. This is now a day very popular blade amongst edc knives.

Hawkbill Blade

This is considered as a defensive fighting karambit knife. The shape of the blade is just like a claw of lion, tiger or trex. You can carry this for everyday use. The shape of the blade will even protect from accidental stabbing as well. But no matter what, these comes really sharp and are difficult to sharp sometimes.

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    This is some good info. I myself is a fan of karambit knives. I would love to know if you have some good tips on which one should I choose for my everyday carry.


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